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Ruckel students excel. We have a TRADITION of being County Champions in athletics, first in the state in academics, and receiving superior rankings at the national level in the arts. We know our success in academics, athletics, and the arts is a result of the teamwork between students, teachers, coaches, parents and community.
trio of studentsAcademics
• Earned its 19th consecutive A+ from the state of Florida • is known throughout the state for its rigorous academics and commitment to excellence • more students in advanced courses than any school in the district to include five that are eligible for high school credit • supports Career and Technical Education • most of our students take a course in technology • Two technology courses are eligible for high school credit and industrial certifications • more students recognized by Duke University than any other middle school in our district • Academic Teams compete strongly in the county • has repeatedly performed well in the Emerald Coast Chapter MathCounts Competitions and our students often participate in the state competition.
• Our band had more students eligible for All-County Band than any school in the county and received Superior ratings in competitions • Our Chorus had more students qualify for All-State Chorus than any other school in our district and earned all superior ratings in every competition • Dozens of placed ribbons in a recent Okaloosa County School District Art Show
ram mascot
See our Athletics Page for our recent achievements
• 2020 district champions in Boys and Girls Cross Country, Volleyball, Football, Boys and Girls Weightlifting
• 2019 district champions in Boys and Girls Cross Country,
Volleyball, Softball, Boys and Girls Swimming, Boys and Girls Track, Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Golf
• 2018 district champions in Boys and Girls Cross Country, Volleyball, Boys Track, Softball, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Swim

student with hatRuckel students learn how science and social studies content connected to the "real world." We know that your child needs more than success on state tests in order to compete in a global world. The high-wage, high demand jobs in your child's future are in fields that require high levels of education in science and math. Being highly literate with these skills are absolutely vital for success. Ruckel includes grade-wide activities such as 6th graders doing coastal water analysis and 8th graders participating in a simulated Challenger Mission to Mars at FSU. Our social studies classes will use census data to understand how government develops budgets. We intend to improve and will continue to intensify our efforts with the RAM program because America depends on our students' technological progress and ability to apply knowledge to new situations.
The caliber of Ruckel Middle School students far exceeds expectations.

Research has shown that middle school can contribute to college and career readiness when students are academically challenged and develop necessary academic behaviors.

Here at Ruckel Middle School, we are dedicated to our students so that they may reach their potential as students and later as adults. We do challenge them academically and do expect them to become responsible, self-directed young people.

Registration Information -- See our Academics Page
You and your child will select the electives for next year. Your child’s four core courses will be selected by his/her teachers. This decision is not solely based on test scores, but on many factors that makes the teacher the best source for course selection.

If you disagree with the teacher’s selection, please request a course waiver form from your child’s teacher or guidance counselor. We will honor your request for change but your child will stay in the course you request for the entire school year. This course waiver form must be attached to the registration form when you return it to your school.

Please remember that we want your child to be in the most demanding classes possible and that middle school is the perfect “nest” to learn academic behaviors before grade point average (GPA) is important.

Graduation Options for the State of Florida
Controlled Open Enrollment Info Here

Your child can earn two of the three vocational credits needed to qualify for a Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship while still in middle school! This Florida Bright Futures Scholarship pays for 75% of college tuition. Students are eligible after taking Introduction to IT and Web Design I here at Ruckel followed by Web Design II at Niceville. Check out all the criteria at www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org.
Remember…the 2008 Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 610, which was signed into law by Governor Crist on June 2, 2008. Senate Bill 610 requires the equivalent of one class period per day of Physical Education for one semester of each year for students in grades 6
through 8.This requirement may be waived in writing by the student’s parent requesting that the student enroll in another course OR that the student is participating in physical activities outside the school day which are equal to or in excess of the mandated requirement. If you wish to exempt your child from P.E., please indicate this on the registration form.
Both student and parent must sign the registration form and return it to the homeroom teacher by the due date. Electives will be selected for students who do not return their forms. Please call us at 833-4142 if you need assistance.
Come see what a special place Ruckel is and what we have to offer you!

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