Leadership Programs

The goal of the Leadership Program is to train students in the essentials of leadership and to give them hands-on opportunities to create and execute projects for the benefit of their school and the community.

The program focuses on character development and emphasizes values such as hard work, fairness, compassion, and team-building.

Students participate in Leadership training through conferences, reading, and practice. They also build their own Leadership portfolio which includes documenting their projects, learning to write a compelling resume', and applying for college and scholarships.

Students learn to manage all phases of service projects, beginning with identifying a need, then planning and developing a project that meets the need, completing it and evaluating it.

Students also have the opportunity of working on area-wide projects with other Leadership classes across the county.

Many of the Leadership classes take responsibility for guiding the 9th graders to a successful transition in high school.

Contact your child's school learn more their Leadership Program.


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