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Advanced International Certificate of Education

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is an advanced academic pre-university curriculum for students who are working towards Advanced (A) and Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level qualifications.

About Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 14-19-year-olds. CIE’s broad range of qualifications is recognized by universities, education providers and employers across the globe.

Where is AICE accepted and recognized?

The qualifications within the AICE Program have a currency with strong levels of international recognition. University applicants are able to refer to their levels of achievement both in terms of the constituent parts and demonstrate the breadth of their studies across three subject areas. Therefore, students following an AICE program score a double advantage – admissions tutors recognize the International A and AS Level gold standard, but also value a student’s breadth of study. Universities and other higher education institutes may have specific admission requirements for some courses and vary in the amount of credit given to AICE students so it is advisable to contact them directly for advice.

Who can benefit from AICE?

Anyone planning to attend university or enter the world of business will benefit from studying this broad and balanced curriculum and the skills that they will gain from it.

Courses Offered

Check with your child's high school to see which, if any, AICE courses are offered.