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Advanced Academic Opportunities

Most Okaloosa elementary schools offer special programs for advanced students. If your child has been tested and is considered "gifted" (this generally implies a score in the top 2%), his school will set up an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for him. This may include some or all special classes, and/or extra, more challenging projects.

In some schools, students who are ahead of their peers but not part of the gifted program may also participate in the advanced classes, depending on enrollment levels. Ask your school principal for more information.

In elementary school, your child can already take steps on the road to academic success. Many schools offer Odyssey of the Mind - a type of after-school club where the students create their own projects and go to competitions where they show off their group project and have to solve problems creatively.

Another opportunity is the science fair. Every year, students complete projects and then compete at a district, regional and state level. If you have never been involved in science fair, ask for more information. Schools frequently need volunteers to help out with the project and the science fair builds interest in science from a young age.

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