Take Stock in Children Applications

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Deadline to apply is March 5th, 2021.


The Take Stock in Children program is a scholarship and mentorship program that gives students the opportunity to be matched with a caring mentor, participate in a program that gives them guidance and accountability throughout high school, and awards them a 2-year College Scholarship. The Take Stock in Children program provides guidance for students by providing a College Success Coach, hosting college readiness workshops, and providing a caring mentor to help guide the student through their time in high school. More information about the Take Stock in Children program on a state level can be found by visiting the Take Stock in Children website.

Selected Students are:
-Paired with a volunteer mentor they are required to meet regularly either at school or virtually through Take Stock’s monitored platforms
-Required to uphold a “C” average in all classes
-Required to keep a good behavioral record
-Required to keep up good attendance
-Required to meet with an assigned College Success Coach a few times each year
-Required to participate in College Readiness Workshops
-Awarded a 2-year Florida Prepaid College Scholarship upon high school graduation

(Please note that all program requirements have a virtual equivalency and can be completed by students within COVID-19 regulations.)

Program Eligibility:
-Meet the income requirements (click for more info)
(IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ INCOME ELIGIBILITY INFO IN DETAIL. Applications that do not meet income requirements and provide supporting documentation will NOT be read or considered for the Take Stock scholarship. Taxes from 2019 will be accepted if 2020 taxes are not available yet.
-Plan to graduate from a Florida public high school
-Be in the eight grade or ninth
-Have at least a C in all subjects this semester
-Have a good behavioral record

Our selection committee chooses students based on several factors. A council rates each application and the decision is made blindly based on numbers after applications have been rated. Some of the items that are considered include:

-Application completeness (all applicable fields are complete, appropriate financial documentation is provided)
- Student grades, behavior, and attendance records
-Student essay
-Parent statement
-Scholarship need

The Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation has a limited number of scholarships to award. The process can be competitive depending on the number of applications we receive, but each eligible application is given consideration during our application process.

Selection Timeline:
Applications are due to the Take Stock office no later than March 5, 2021. All supporting documentation MUST be provided and can be directly uploaded to your application via Script.  

Selections will be made at the end of March/beginning of April. Selected students will be notified via phone to the number provided on the application for the parent/guardian. Please ensure that proper contact information is left, if you are selected and we cannot get in touch with you we might rescind your selection. Non-selected applicants will be sent a letter stating they were not selected later in the year.

We look forward to receiving your application! Please call or text 828.447.9748 if you have any questions, or email Nicole.snider@okaloosaschools.com.