Parents Advancing Wildcats Spirit (PAWS)

Please let us take this moment to introduce ourselves.  We are PAWS- Parents Advancing Wildcats Spirit. We are a group of parent volunteers who aim to support Meigs Middle School Students, Teachers, Staff and Administration.  We dedicate our time and resources to promote a positive experience for our students.


Last year we worked really hard getting our organization started.  In just one short year we were able to make quite a positive impact here at Meigs Middle School.  These included, a campus clean up, the “Meigs Rock” campaign, providing some much needed supplies to teachers, assisted in covering positions for chaperones for dances, etc. and also showed our wonderful teachers and staff appreciation with lunches and small trinkets throughout the year.


There are immediate needs at our school that we are currently focusing on. With your help we know we can get them taken care of!


Area of concern right now are:

1)      Stocking a supply room with enough materials (such as copy paper, cardstock, pencils, pens, markers, tissues, hand sanitizers, etc.) so our teachers, classrooms, and departments can do their jobs for our children’s benefit.

2)      Showing teachers of Meigs appreciation and support.

3)      Area Volunteers

4)      Sprucing up our Campus


Here’s how you can help.

Fill out the volunteer form online


Follow us on Facebook


Email us at


We are seeking parents that want to get involved in making their kid’s school a better place.   Come join our team at PAWS with your ideas, support, and donations. All of which go right back into supporting Meigs Middle School students, teachers, staff and administration.






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