Senior Information and Events







Updated on 2-25-2022

Seniors - Class of 2022



TimeLine of Senior Events Leading to Graduation

***Events, Dates, and Times subject to cancellation and change.


September 14-September 18                                Senior Portraits

                                                                             Media Center (see English teacher or Ms. Brownsberger for schedule)


Friday, October 1                                                 FAFSA opens


Friday, October 1                                                 Bright Futures registration opens


October 11-October 16                                        Senior Portraits (Make-ups)

                                                                             Media Center


Saturday, October 23                                           Homecoming Dance

7:30pm-10:00pm                                                 FWBHS  **Must pre-purchase tickets


December 14-December 17                                 1st Semester Exams


December 20-December 31                                 Winter Holidays


Thursday, January 20                                           ASVAB (pre-register with ROTC Department)

7:00am                                                                 FWBHS Auditorium       


February 1 & 2                                                     Cap & Gown Pictures

                                                                             **Photographer will provide cap & gown


February 16                                                           Red & White Affair – Wyndham Gardens (Okaloosa Island)   

                                                                              Must pre-purchase tickets


March 21-March 25                                              Spring Break


Tuesday, April 12                                                  Anne T. Mitchell Awards – NWFSC

Reception at 5:00pm   Ceremony at 6:00pm


Wednesday, May 11                                              All monies owed must be cleared


Saturday, May 14                                                  Prom – Shoreline Church (Destin, FL)

8:00pm-11:00pm                                                 Cost TBA **Must pre-purchase ticket (for date)


May 16 – May 18                                                  Senior Semester Exams


Thursday, May 19                                                 Senior Awards Ceremony



Monday, May 23                                                   Senior Breakfast – Location TBD

8:00am-10:00am                                                  Dress is dressy casual    **Must pre-purchase ticket


Monday, May 23                                                   Graduation Presentation

10:00am-Noon                                                     Panoramic Picture

                                                                              Cap & Gown Pick Up



Monday, May 23                                                   Baccalaureate

6:30pm                                                                  FWBHS Auditorium


Tuesday, May 24                                                   Senior Walk



Wednesday, May 25                                            Graduation – Steve Riggs Stadium

Students arrive NLT 6:30pm  Ceremony at 7:30pm

Students should not wear their gown into the gym.  Instead they should bring their gown into the gym on a

hanger.  **Students will not be admitted to the gym if they are wearing the gown.