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Standard 5: Using Results for Continuous Improvement

The system implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and system effectiveness and uses the results to guide continuous improvement.

Indicator 5.1

The system establishes and maintains a clearly defined and comprehensive student assessment system.

Indicator 5.2

Professional and support staff continuously collect, analyze and apply learning from a range of data sources, including comparison and trend data about student learning, instruction, program evaluation, and organizational conditions that support learning.

Indicator 5.3

Throughout the system professional and support staff are trained in the interpretation and use of data.

Indicator 5.4

The system engages in a continuous process to determine verifiable improvement in student learning, including readiness for and success at the next level.

Indicator 5.5

System and school leaders monitor and communicate comprehensive information about student learning, school performance, and the achievement of system and school improvement goals to stakeholders.

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