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2022 - 2023 School Bus Schedules

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2022-23 School Bus Routes

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Bus Bulletin

Bus Bulletin

Get real-time updates about your student's bus!

The District has begun using Bus Bulletin to send notifications to parents if there are unexpected delays or schedule changes involving a student's bus. If you would like to receive these notifications, please register at the Bus Bulletin website. For more information, view the Bus Bulletin flyer.

North County Schools

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The bus schedules for the North County schools (schools within the cities of Crestview, Baker, and Laurel Hill) can be found by clicking on Infolocator. Eligible school zone, bus number, nearest bus stops, distance to stops, and times are all provided within Infolocator. Best viewed on a PC or tablet. Questions should be directed to the Crestview Transportation Office at 850.689.7301.

Please note: In some instances, Crestview High School or Davidson Middle School will show "No Transportation Found" for one or the other in the AM and PM. However, almost all Crestview High School buses north of Highway 90 share stops with Davidson Middle School and vice versa. Simply look at the run data and if it says, "AM xxxx DMS and CHS" then that is the current nearest stop for students attending either CHS or DMS.