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The Okaloosa County School District’s (OCSD) Seat Management concept encompasses the total management of all District personal computer-related technology. Borrowing from an established “best business practice,” a single vendor, Titan (formerly part of TelaForce, L3, and CACI), was selected from a competitive bid process to provide all personal computer hardware, support, and service for the District’s 12,000 personal computers.

As part of the contract, Titan owns and services all the operating systems that operate at an expected level of performance throughout the life of the contract. A limited number of computers are still owned by the District due to the specialized funding source for their original purchase or because the school did not wish to transfer the asset. These non-transferred computers are supported and serviced as “Support Managed Seats." 

The main differences between Support Management and Seat Management are the ownership of the systems and the billing to OCSD.  If OSCD owns the system, it is Support Managed by Titan.

Titan will also deploy, maintain, and prepare for state testing the current 160+ district-owned laptop fleet at no cost to the district. These laptops were deployed for the first time for the 2013-2014 testing season to schools throughout the district. They helped tremendously with the surge of machines needed to meet state testing timelines.

The “Refresh Cycle” for computers has been established as follows:

  • Laptops – 3 years
  • Desktops – 3 years
  • Servers – 5 years

This means that when a laptop or desktop reaches three years of age, Titan replaces the system with a brand new system that meets the established requirements of the district. This means new technology, faster!  All other types of computers will also be replaced with brand new systems when they meet their refresh age.

The benefits to OCSD are many, but the most prominent is the relief from the burdens of procurement, placement, service, support, inventory, and surplus functions. Having a single-source vendor, who is an expert in technology, allows OCSD to focus on what it does best… teaching.

Another large benefit to the District is the use of different revenue sources to pay for technology.  Under Seat Management, most leased computers can be paid for with capital outlay funds instead of general revenue dollars. The net effect of this returns an estimated $500,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 annually to the schools.  

At the school level, there have been many important changes. Each individual school no longer has to provide basic support for computer technology, freeing up resources for the classroom. Seat Management guarantees a standardized level of service to all the schools in the District regardless of their size and affords the same quality technology support throughout. Teachers are also no longer burdened with having to teach classes and act as the technology contact in their free time or after school. Smaller elementary schools which could not afford to have someone help with their computer problems have the same level of technology support and service as the larger high schools.  

Seat Management is a proven system that has been adopted by the United States Navy and Marine Corps, the State of Virginia, the City of Minneapolis, and many major corporations. OCSD is excited to be one of the first school districts in the country to switch to the Seat Management system for our computer needs.


Dustin Keith  Dustin Keith
  Specialist Seat Management Technology


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