Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting information from the AS/400 system?

If you are a district employee and you do not have the authority to request information/reports, please request via the department that controls the data. If you are not a district employee, please contact Eric Mitchell in MIS and IT with your public records request.

  • Student related information, contact Information Systems
  • Finance related information, contact Rita Scallan in the Finance Department. 
  • Payroll/Personnel related information, contact Stacie Smith in the Personnel Department.
  • School Foods related information, contact Steve Anderson with Food Services.

If you are unsure who to ask, please email our IS HelpDesk and we will direct your request.

What time is the AS/400 available?

      5:00AM - 4:00PM        Monday 
      5:00AM - 10:00PM      Tuesday - Friday 
      5:00AM - 10:00PM      Saturday - Sunday

I can't connect to the AS/400 or PAWS to get at the screens I need.  Who should I contact?

Contact our IS HelpDesk:

Hours: 7:00AM - 4:00PM (Monday - Friday)

I need to change my password for PAWS and/or TERMS on the AS/400.  How do I do that?

The same UserID and password are used for both PAWS and TERMS on the AS/400.  When you change your password for PAWS, it is also changed for TERMS. These passwords must be changed every 45 days. For PAWS users, log in to access your home screen.

PAWS Banner

There are links titled, “Change Password” located at the top right corner and the bottom right corner of this page. Click on one of the links, then use the pop up box and follow the prompts to enter your current password, then type in your new password twice. Click on the “Change” button to record the new password.

If you make a mistake, click the “Cancel” button and start over.

For those that use the TERMS software on the AS/400, sign on to the system to view the main menu. Use option 88 of the District Main Menu (OKAINIT) to change your password.


Type in your current password, then type in your new password twice. Press the ENTER key to record the new password. If you make a mistake, press the F12 key to cancel and start over.

I can't remember my password.  What should I do?


Please use the user Self-Help provided on the PAWS login page to reset your access or request a new, temporary password.  If the system disconnects your session after a password has been entered incorrectly several times, use this tool or contact our IS HelpDesk.

I've entered my correct password, but the computer tells me it's wrong.

Make sure that you are entering your password in the proper case.  Also check to see if the Num  Lock and/or Caps lock is on or off for your keyboard.

I work at one of our schools, and need some information regarding students.  Who should I contact?

Contact the Information Systems Operations Department at 850.689.7164.  If it is a request that they cannot fulfill, request that you complete form MIS 3392 and submit to the Information Systems Operations Department via fax or courier. 

I would like a job run, or labels or a report printed.  Who should I contact?

For schools, contact your data entry person, and have them fax a completed form MIS 3429 for labels, MIS 3431 for reports, or MIS 3432 for Special Request - Data Files to the Operations at 850.689.7440.

For all other data requests not related to student data, please contact the specific department responsible for the data, and have your request approved and submitted through that department.

Questions: Contact Amanda DeWitt at 850.689.7164.

I need a new display screen, file, report or change to an existing one.  Who should I contact?

Complete MIS 3392 and send to Duscha Ross for all requests for new jobs, screens, and/or reports pertaining to Student/Business programming builds. All new developments for software must be approved by the department supervisor for those who will use the new job, screen, file, or report. 

I have a question, but don't know who to talk to about it.  Who could I answer my question?

All software questions should be directed to Duscha Ross. (Business and Student). 


Duscha Ross, Program Director - Information Systems

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