Teenage Parent Program

TAPP The Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) is a state mandated program designed to meet the needs of expectant youth and teenage parents. The Teenage Parent Program connects teens with a school based mentor (i.e., school social worker, mental health counselor child) to guide and support them in the completion of a high school diploma and connect them to assistance with child care services and may receive free or reduced childcare services through the Early Learning Coalition. This is a voluntary program provided by Okaloosa County Schools.

Per federal and state law, pregnant and parenting students and their children shall be entitled to participate in teenage parent programs designed to provide comprehensive educational and ancillary services to facilitate the student’s completion of high school. Students participating in teenage parent programs shall be eligible for all services afforded to students enrolled in programs pursuant to Section 1003.54, Florida Statutes and Rules 6A-6.05221 and 6A-6.05291, F.A.C.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Pregnant and parenting teens should contact a school-based representative (school social worker, school counselor, or mental health counselor) at the school where the student is enrolled or contact the district office for program information.


Documentation Needed

The following documents will be needed to enroll in the Teenage Parent Program:

  • Completed district application
  • TAP Physician’s Statement

      For daycare:

  • Baby’s birth certificate or a copy of Verification of Age Form
  • Baby’s Immunizations
  • Baby’s School Health Exam

* In cases where the teenage parent does not have a copy of the baby’s birth certificate, a Verification of Age Form can be used; however, it is only valid for one month. When no Social Security card is available, the teenage parent must show proof of applying for a Social Security card.

Program Policy

  • Students are required to take and pass two of these classes Child Development, Parenting Skills, Early Childhood I, II, III, Life Management Skills, or Family Dynamics
  • Childcare services will only be paid when the teenage parent is enrolled/present in school.
  • Additional program policies are cited in the teenage parent packet.