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Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance, provided by Symetra, protects your income if an on or off-the-job incident prevents you from working for an extended period. If you are injured or become disabled — whether from a sudden accident or chronic condition. Group Long-Term Disability income insurance replaces part of your paycheck until you reach your normal Social Security retirement age. And because it’s purchased through your employer at attractive group rates, it costs less than coverage purchased on your own.

All employees may elect to participate in the Voluntary (employee paid) Long Term Disability Insurance program but will be subject to medical underwriting. This plan will pay 60% of your monthly salary up to $6,000.00 after 90 or 180 days of disability. Board-paid Long Term Disability coverage is available to employees who do not elect the district-provided medical insurance.

Long-Term Disability is available as a Board-paid benefit to those employees who do not enroll in the district-provided medical insurance plan. This plan will pay 66.66% of your monthly salary up to $3,000.00 after 90 days of disability. All benefits-eligible active employees not enrolled in the employer-sponsored medical plan may enroll in Long-Term Disability.

Voluntary LTD Plan Benefits

If you become disabled, benefits begin after 90 days or 180 days of total or partial disability. Symetra Life Insurance Company will pay your benefit to you while you are disabled under the terms of the policy. The disability income monthly benefit will be 60% of your salary to a maximum of $6,000 per month. The minimum monthly benefit is $100.

The maximum payment duration extends to Social Security Normal Retirement Age, SSNRA, the age at which you are eligible for Social Security full retirement benefits. Mental Illness/Substance Abuse limitation is 24 months per occurrence. Pre-existing Conditions Limitation: 3/12.

Standard Provisions:

  • Maternity is covered as an "other condition"
  • Accumulation of the elimination period
  • Six-month recurrent disability/temporary recovery. * Certain restrictions apply.
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Cost of Living Freeze
  • Workplace Modification
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Social Security Assistance
  • Continuity of Coverage
  • Personal Care
  • Survivor Income

LTD Policy Documents

Symetra LTD Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disability Insurance?

  • Disability Insurance provides a percent of income while someone is unable to work.

Are there different kinds of Disability Insurance?

  • Yes, there are two kinds of Disability Insurance Short-Term Disability Insurance and Long-Term Disability Insurance.

Does the District offer Short-Term Disability?

  • No, but Short-Term Disability can be purchased from an ancillary agent and premiums can be paid through payroll deduction.

Does the District offer Long-Term Disability?

  • Yes, the District offers two types of Long-Term Disability; one begins 90 days after the employee becomes disabled and one begins 180 days after becoming disabled. Rates are calculated based on age and salary with the 90 day plan offered at a higher premium.

What type of disabilities qualify for Long-Term Disability?

  • Anything catastrophic that prevents you from working.

Does a surgery or pregnancy qualify for Long-Term Disability?

  • Not normally unless complications are a major factor.

How do I enroll in Long-Term Disability?

  • Go online to You must download, complete, and mail in an Evidence of Insurability form. The group number required is 01-016542-00. Symetra will notify you when they have reviewed your request.