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OCSD Professional Development Plan 2013 - 2018
(per state approval still in use through 2020)


Pursuant to Section 1012.98, Florida Statute, School Community Professional Development Act, the purpose of the professional development system is to increase student achievement, enhance classroom instructional strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum, and prepare students for continuing education and the workforce. Professional learning is the result of the individual's commitment to improvement. The statewide professional development system supports that commitment through:

  • State standards for professional development at the educator, school, and district level;
  • Rigorous and relevant curriculum based on state and local educational standards and initiatives;
  • Improvement planning based on needs assessments and results from personnel evaluation;
  • Opportunities for professional collaboration and collegial team learning practices;
  • Sharing professional learning practices, resources, and technical assistance statewide.


A district professional development system is the inter-related policies and practices that support professional learning by the district's workforce consistent with the requirements of state statutes and State Board of Education rules. District systems are implemented to adhere to the state's Professional Development Evaluation System Protocol Standards.

Each district's system is intended to improve student achievement by enhancing proficiency in instructional and leadership strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout a standards-based curriculum and prepare students to be college and career ready. A district's professional development system is based on growth needs and aligned with guiding expectations and requirements to provide the workforce a 21st-century professional development system that leads to a learning organization, educator and leadership effectiveness, and college and career ready students.