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Master In-Service Plan

Okaloosa County School District Master In-Service Plan 2018-2019


Master In-service Plans (MIP)

Embedded in each Local Educational Agency's professional development system is a master in-service plan (MIP) that identifies the components of professional learning that may generate master in-service plan points toward re-certification or add-on certification. The components in the MIP are deliverables of the professional development system and a major support in addressing the purposes of district systems and individual deliberate practice.

Master Plan For In-service

District professional development systems must include a master plan for in-service activities. The master plan shall be updated and approved by local boards on an annual basis by September 1 of the current year with written verification submitted annually to the Commissioner of Education by October 1 of the current year.

Section 1012.98, Florida Statute, School Community Professional Development Act, sets forth requirements for educational training programs with further requirements stated in State Board of Education Rule 6A-5.071, F.A.C. For example, according to Rule 6A-5.071, in-service points awarded for successful completion of a component shall be assigned as follows: (a) One in-service point shall be equivalent to one clock hour of participation, or as specified by the master in-service plan based on competency(ies) demonstrated. (b) Points awarded for completion of college credit shall equate to in-service participation as follows: 1. One semester hour shall equal twenty in-service points. 2. One-quarter hour shall equal thirteen and one-third in-service points.

To assist districts and teachers in the transfer of in-service points from one Florida district to another, the Department of Education offers a:

Though this form can ensure accurate in-service records transfers, district use is not required.[1]

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