2020 Performance Audit

A performance audit was conducted on the Okaloosa County School District in accordance with s. 212.055(11), Florida Statutes in conjunction with the proposed one-half cent sales surtax referendum appearing on the ballot on November 3, 2020. The final report generated from this audit is being posted on the school district’s website at least sixty (60) days prior to November 3rd and will remain for a period of at least two years as required by statute.<

Excerpt from Auditor’s letter

“Based upon the procedures performed and the results obtained, the audit objectives have been met. We conclude that, with the exception of the findings discussed in the report and based upon the work performed, the departments that expend sales surtax funds have sufficient policies and procedures in place, supported by appropriate documentation, reports, monitoring tools, and personnel to address the statutory criteria defined in s. 212.055(11), Florida Statutes.”

The management response letter to the audit appears on pg 156 of this document.

Read the 2020 Audit report here!