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ESOL Blue Folder Documentation

MIS Number Document Name Important Reminders
Home Language Survey - English
Home Language Survey - Spanish
Home Language Survey - Portuguese
Original copy must be placed in the ESOL blue folder; verify date and signature.
Notice to Parents of Delay in Testing - English
Notice to Parents of Delay in Testing - Spanish
Provide if 20-school day deadline cannot be met.
N/A LAS Links Entry Test Profile Sheets Complete all sections of the Student Profile sheet.
Parent Notification of Ineligibility - English
Parent Notification of Ineligibility - Spanish
Parent Notification of Ineligibility - Tagalog
Provide if a student is ineligible for the ESOL program.
Programmatic Assessment - English
Programmatic Assessment - Spanish
Must use when a student is a transfer to our county.

Parent Notification of ELL Initial or Continued Placement - English
Parent Notification of ELL Initial or Continued Placement - Spanish
Must be sent each year as long as the student is still enrolled in the program.
4319 Teacher Notification of ELL Student Placement Annually given to the teachers of an identified English Language Learner.
Out of Field Parent Notification - English
Out of Field Parent Notification - Spanish
Notification to parent/guardian must be sent home if the ELL student has a teacher who is Out-of-Field in ESOL.
ELL Committee Parent Invitation - English
ELL Committee Parent Invitation - Spanish
Copies of all meeting invitations must be placed in the blue ELL folder.
Student ELL Plan - English
Student ELL Plan - Spanish
For exit criteria, please refer to F.A.C. 6A-6.0903.


Parent Notification of ESOL Program Exit Send this notification to parent/guardians if the student meets exit criteria.
Reclassification/Exit/Post Monitoring - English

Use this form when exiting a student from the
ESOL program.  Change AS400 status from
LP status to LF.

For each ELL student on monitor status, the counselor will indicate the appropriate
progress, sign, and date each blue folder. 

4298 ELL Committee Conference Report Use this form to document ELL committee meetings and annual meetings.
N/A Copy of Annual Test Results or Other Assessments Used for Exit Print the S734 screen which shows WIDA, FSA, LAS Links, etc.
N/A Parent Notification of Annual Measure of
Achievement Objectives (AMAO) Yearly Letter
Notifies parents of ELLs in writing within 30 days of district notification of failure to meet AMAOs.

Please Note:  Notifications to ELL parents that do not require a return signature include AMAO, WIDA, Choice, etc.  Schools may make copies of these letters and attach a roster of ELL families to whom they were sent.  The lists should be dated and initialed by the counselor or ESOL contact and kept on file for Title III self-monitoring.