Riverside ES Wraps Up Summer STEM Camp

Riverside ES STEM Camp

Riverside Elementary School wrapped up its first Summer STEM Camp sponsored by the Okaloosa Public Schools Foundation. Over the past four days, students going into fourth and fifth grade were involved in hands-on learning. Melissa Kearley, the principal at Riverside Elementary, said that she was “excited to see the students’ enthusiasm for learning and loved that all the lessons were related to the Science Standards that are assessed in fifth grade.”

Daniel Tatman’s group studied Conservation of Matter. The students focused on where matter goes when we can not see it. Students captured carbon dioxide gas in balloons as dry ice melted, mixed baking soda and sugar together to make “fire snakes,” created lava lamps using oil and water, and everyone’s favorite, made slime!

Daniel Tatman’s - Conservation of Matter

Mrs. Tatman’s group focused on Force and Motion. The students created a marshmallow catapult and marshmallow shooters, held balloon races, made straw rockets and did an egg drop.

Mrs. Tatman’s Force and Motion

Mrs. Tatman’s Force and Motion

In Angelica Espeseth’s group, students learned about the fundamentals of computer coding using the LittleBits coding and electronics kit. Students used physical blocks for input, outputs, and sensors. Students created their own games and inventions while exploring programming.

Angelica Espeseth - Computer Coding

Angelica Espeseth - Computer Coding

Another camp is scheduled for next week, with all new science concepts being taught in fun and engaging ways. There are still a few spots available if you want to enroll your 4th or 5th-grade student!

This camp is FREE, thanks to Boeing and Florida Power & Light grants!

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