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Self Help Construction Projects

Definition:  A Self Help Project is a capital construction, renovation or repair project that is undertaken by a school or any organization of a school.  Examples being but not limited to Band Parents, Parent Teacher Organizations, and Booster Clubs.  These projects are to be funded outside of the Okaloosa County School District Budget and approved by the School Board.

A Self Help Project Plan.  A written plan must be developed and submitted to the School Board of Okaloosa County for approval on all Self Help Projects.  This plan must include but is not limited to the following:

1.  Develop a written scope for the project

2.  Project Budget

3.  Project Cost Estimate

4.  Construction Schedule

5.  Conceptual Design Drawings

6.  If any architectural design and or engineering services are required for the project the architect or engineer must hold current registration by their respective boards for the State of Florida.

7.  A Certified or Registered General or Certified or Registered Building Contractor’s service is required for permitting the project.  The General or Building Contractor must hold current and valid licensure with Florida DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation).

8.  Limited work not requiring a General or Building contractor license,  (determined by the Building Official in OCSD Facilities office), but which requires a permit for alteration or modification, including any mechanical, electrical, or plumbing must have the appropriately licensed and insured contractor apply for and receive a permit, supervise the work and schedule inspections for the required permit.

9.  Approval required of:

  • Director of Facilities Planning & Maintenance
  • Facilities Planning Department (Building Official)
  • Fire and Life Safety Official
  • School Administration and School Advisory Council (SAC)

10.  A funding plan for the project which includes all funding to complete the project.  100% of the funds must be obtained before the project can begin.

  • Cash must be in the bank
  • Letters for all in-kind donations and services on file
  • Funding must be held in a School Board of Okaloosa County account

After the plan is approved by the Board, two sets of construction plans must be presented for plan review for code compliance to the Building Official and when applicable the Fire Official.  If the application for plan review and a permit is approved then inspections must be scheduled with the Facilities Planning Department.  Plans and Inspections will be in accordance with Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Rules, The Florida Building Code, State Requirements for Educational Facilities, Title IX, Florida Accessibility Code, Florida Fire Prevention Code, and National Electrical Code.

Self Help Construction Process

  1. Development of Self Help Project Plan
  2. Approval of the plan by the Director of the Facilities Planning &  Maintenance Department
  3. Approval of the Plan by the Building Official in the Facilities Planning Department
  4. Approval of the Plan by the Fire and Life Safety Official
  5. After approvals are granted the project is placed on the School Board Agenda by the Facilities Planning Department on behalf of the school.
  6. Approval of the Self Help Project by the School Board
  7. Contractor approved for the project makes application to Facilities Planning Department for a building permit.
  8. A pre-construction meeting is held with the Facilities Planning Department.
  9. The project is started and the inspections are conducted by the Facilities Planning Department as per the Florida Building Code.
  10. Final inspection is conducted and if appropriate a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Building Official in the Facilities Planning Department.
  11. All bills are paid the permit is closed.


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